The Automattic Theme Team Meetup in New York City

This is the reason I was in New York City from January 22nd to February 2nd. The Theme Team, ahem Theam, met for several days to talk about what’s good, what’s not good, and what’s next for themes on

Automattic Theme Team as of January 2012
Automattic Theme Team as of January 2012

I won’t lie. I hated the weather in New York. I was miserable, absolutely miserable for days to the point that I decided to stay indoors while my co-Wranglers went out for dinners and such. The smart thing to do would have been to pack a huge jacket, but I have never lived in a place as cold as New York City and really had no idea gloves and a hoodie wouldn’t be enough. Lesson painfully learned.

On the professional front, though, I came away from the meetup feeling extremely confident in my team leader Lance Willet‘s ability to keep our ship on course, pleased to have spent some downtime and work time with Matt, and excited about what we have in store for 2012.

With Matt Mullenweg
With Matt Mullenweg

A couple of other Automatticians also visited. Sheri, who I just so admire and adore, posted photos of our meetup on her blog. She spent some time with us, as well as Erica, who I was especially happy to see in New York City because we didn’t have so much time to get to know each other in Budapest last year.

At some point later this week I will update my galleries with photos from both Europe and New York City. As annoying as it may seem for me to always have my phone on me, snapping away at random moments (and food), the nostalgia that comes from looking back on the last several months of my professional life are all worth it in the end.

Working at Automattic comes not without its fair level of stress—some of it self-induced, I must admit—so to have these positive professional artifacts really do help me when I go through asking myself if what I’m doing with my life feels right.

Right now it absolutely does.

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