Announcing The Hanoi WordPress Meetup Group

2012 has been declared the Year of the WordPress Meetup.

So what is a WordPress Meetup? Basically, it’s people in a community getting together — meeting up — who share an interest in WordPress, whether they be bloggers, business users, developers, consultants, or any other category of person able to say, “I use WordPress in some way and I like it, and I want to meet other people who can say the same.” (Jane Wells)

There’s no better time than now, then, to begin participating in what I hope will this year become a healthy and active Hanoi WordPress Meetup Group. The aim of the group is simple: to find and connect WordPress enthusiasts who either live in Hanoi or may be passing through for a visit.

Any WordPresser—blogger, designer, or developer—is welcomed. The ultimate goal is to create and foster a network, big or small, in which we as WordPress lovers will thrive and grow together. In short, if you live in or will visit Hanoi and you’re a user of WordPress—beginner, intermediate, or advanced—then this group is for you.

On signup to the Hanoi WordPress Meetup Group you will be asked four important questions:

  1. How long have you been using WordPress?
  2. Are you primarily a WordPress user, developer, or designer?
  3. What would you like to learn about WordPress?
  4. What would you like to teach others about WordPress?

These questions do not take long at all to answer but they will greatly help us all figure out suitable topics of discussion for meetups, which I envision taking place once a month. Because the group will be small at its outset—I’ll consider a 6-person first meetup a massive success— finding venues for meetups around the city will be quite easy. As the group grows and becomes more stable, we’ll work on finding a more constant space for meetups within Hanoi.

We’ll decide on topics of discussion later, although I imagine a first meetup being mostly introductory. Less important is what we discuss at first than just getting to know each other and creating a network in Hanoi, which up until now has been largely nonexistent.

I’m excited about this and would like to begin meeting up as early as March. If you live in Hanoi (or will be in town) and use WordPress, then join the group!

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

CEO at We Cobble. We build digital products for people.™

5 thoughts on “Announcing The Hanoi WordPress Meetup Group”

  1. Hi Phillip

    I live in HCMC, do you know if there’s a WordPress group down here?

    cheers – roy

    1. Howdy Roy. I’ve done an awful job of getting the ball rolling on the Hanoi meetup but from what I can tell it’s the only show in town right now. If you hear of others or want to grab a coffee if you’re in Hanoi let me know.

      1. Thanks Phillip, I’m overdue for a Ha Noi visit so if I’m heading up there I’ll give you a shout. Meanwhile I’ll ask around down here and see if anyone is into WP.

  2. Hi, I just hope you will conduct such event here in the Philippines. I just start using WordPress and looking forward to what it can offer. Hopefully you can drop by at my blog and read my writings, Good day!

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