Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

With International Women’s Day just around the corner, it was my goal this Valentine’s Day to avoid flowers altogether. Those will come soon enough.

I instead opted for one dozen cupcakes from Westlake Cupcake, a small Hanoi outfit run by two fellow expats since mid-point last year. My first experience with Anna and Mia’s cupcakes was good. This year’s experience with them was beyond incredible.

It’s times like these when my self-imposed exile from the land of chocolates and sweets makes me shed a tear. I ended up sharing a few small bites of the cupcakes with my Valentine—who was overjoyed beyond measure—and sending her home with the rest to share with family and friends.

In my estimation today was, all in all, perfect. I gave cupcakes and received a hand-drawn card with an empty photo frame that will soon be filled with a lovely photo. Simple, but meaningful. That’s always been what makes me happy.

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

CEO at We Cobble. We build digital products for people.™

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