Breakfast at Khách sạn Kim Thơ

I’ll be at Khách sạn Kim Thơ for the next few days. It’s the first time in years that I’ve stayed in a hotel in Can Tho; I usually stay with my sister but things are a bit hectic around the house at the moment and her internet isn’t super stable.

The hotel offers a buffet breakfast every morning, which isn’t bad by any means. I particularly enjoyed the fresh pennywort juice (nước ép rau má tươi). I used to drink a lot of it during my days of living in the south but have since given it up for early morning hot tea in Hanoi.

Chả Cá Thác Lác, Canh Bí Đỏ Đậu Phụ, Dưa Leo, Rau Khoai Lang, Đu Đủ

I’m spending time with family in Cần Thơ at the moment and will not return to Hanoi until this weekend. Every time I fly south and eat home-cooked meals I’m reminded of how everything here completely revolves around relationships.

Whether I’m away from the Mekong Delta for a few months at a time or an entire year, I’m greeted with the same love and care that I was given during my first ever trip here in 2005. I’m fortunate to have a foster family in Vietnam who always has my best interest in mind and who will always look out for me.

It’s amazing to think we’ve been so close for 7 years now. As long as they live in Can Tho I’ll always find time to fly down for visits, especially during important family moments like weddings or illnesses.

Angelina Restaurant and Lounge

Before yesterday I couldn’t remember the last time we—vague, I know—had spent time together outside of my apartment. Hanoi’s winter was particularly a brutal one, leaving us cold, tired, and lazy to travel across town for a nice meal.

I knew I’d be leaving Hanoi soon, though—I’m writing this from Can Tho—and mustered up the energy to drive to Hoan Kiem for what was our last meal together before the upcoming week. I really couldn’t have picked a better spot. I’ve been dining at Angelina for several years now; its atmosphere is unbeatable and its food, while at times hit or miss in taste, is always meticulously prepared and presented. The staff is also top notch.

It’s likely we’ll continue to spend most of our time this month and next at my home or doing things not at all close to the city center, so it’s moments like the following for which I feel so fortunate. Food and people make a beautiful pair.