Singapore Airlines Food

I’m always in the habit of choosing my in-flight meals before flying long distances. The primary reason for this is due to dietary restrictions (I must opt for either NLML, LFML, or any other healthy alternative), but the convenience of both receiving my meals first and not having to shout over plane engines is also a plus.

The following were taken yesterday and today on a long, painful flight from New York City to Hanoi via Singapore Airlines (Economy Class). I skipped the Singapore to Hanoi meal, but did manage to eat my New York City to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Singapore meals. I’ve no complaints at all about the quality of food from Singapore Airlines (it’s my favorite airline), given how much of it must be cooked before and served on a flight.

Automattic Business Cards

One of the perks of currently being in the United States for Automattic-related travel is that I am able to take advantage of having things easily shipped to me (import taxes in Vietnam can be quite steep).

My coworker MT, whose work and overall swagger I both greatly admire, sent the following business cards to New York City for me this week.

The coolest part about the cards is the QR Code, which when scanned (on paper or on screen; try it!) with an application like Scan links directly to my Gravatar profile.