Spaghetti with Shredded Chicken, Mixed Chopped Salad, Toasted Buttered Rolls

Most of this stuff was store-bought. I purchased a whole roasted chicken (deboned at home), mixed salad, and rolls (cut and toasted on the stove top at home) from The Oasis and had spaghetti and canned sauce on hand already. Canned sauce really does taste terrible compared to homemade sauce, but until I’m able to find more time to make a legit, nice sauce, the canned stuff will have to do. All in all my stomach’s happy, and there’s plenty of this leftover for all of tomorrow.

Holi 2012 at the American Club Hanoi

My good friend and neighbor @playingwithsid invited me out to the American Club Hanoi this morning to celebrate this year’s Holi, or Festival of Colors. The amount and variance of colored powder worn by literally everyone but me who entered the American Club Hanoi was astounding. I took a quick video of some of the attendees dancing and a few photos. Really fun times.

International Women’s Day

It’s March 8th, which in Vietnam means vacation from school—for some—and long days at work for flower sellers and bakeries. I went the standard route today, buying classic red roses (not pictured because I was too focused on the food) at a shop nearby my home and small cakes from L’Epicerie du Metropole, which weren’t all consumed at one time but definitely all nibbled on.

When I was at the flower shop purchasing roses I met a gentleman in his mid-thirties who was also buying roses. Instead of one bouquet, though, he was buying two. He asked me if I was buying roses for my girlfriend. I answered and then asked him if he was buying roses for his girlfriend or wife. He answered, “Both.” Such is a day in the life of a young, attractive businessman in a capital city.

Canh Bí Xanh Nấu Thịt, Khoai Tây Xào, Nộm Đu Đủ Bò Khô, Cá

Hanoi’s weather was absolutely beautiful today and the rest of the week also looks to be one full of sunshine and cool breezes. The worst of winter finally seems to be over, so today I opened all of my apartment’s balcony doors and enjoyed a lovely, large lunch. It’s been months since I ordered delivery food because of how much cooking now goes on at my home. That makes me happier than I know how to describe.