The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Lake View

I may have found one of my favorite glasses of tea in Hanoi, and it’s all because of the marvelous ice that’s served with drinks at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Lake View. Highlands Coffee treats cold teas like an afterthought and gives customers a cup of scalding hot tea with a few morsels of ice on the side to cool it down. The same goes for most tea and coffee shops ’round these parts, as well. Ice in ice tea isn’t given priority, and that makes me sad. The reason I love the tiny bites of ice below is because they can be packed very densely into a cup and refuse to melt. After an hour or so of chatting with my pal the ice was still there. That’s how iced tea should be done, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Lake View gets it perfectly right. The atmosphere of the place wasn’t as nice as that of OCHÂO’s, but the drink in and of itself was splendid.

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

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