Boiled Peanuts, Mushroom Noodle Soup, Steamed Mixed Dumplings

My last night in Houston (I decided to stay two more days) was enjoyed mostly with my mom and with packing. I did manage to sneak away to Chinatown with my best friend for dinner at Xiong’s Cafe, though. The noodle soup I had last night was incredible—the mushrooms were meaty and juicy, but the side dishes weren’t that good.

Houston’s Chinatown is where I spent a great deal of my college days. I’d go there for meals with friends or solo studying when Rice Village began to feel a bit stifling. I’ll miss it and all of the greater Houston area during the coming months, especially my family. The last two weeks in Texas were just what I needed.

Today it’s off to Vegas.

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

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