The Green Market at Changi Airport

During a long 8-hour layover in Singapore yesterday I enjoyed a meal of rolled sushi and hot tea for dinner. I figured it was best to avoid anything incredibly heavy, as back-to-back 10-hour (Singapore to Moscow) and 12-hour (Moscow to Houston) flights do not make a stuffed stomach happy at all. The Green Market was such a lovely spot, but most inside of Changi are. It’s laid back but has a slightly upscale feel to it and it’s tucked away into the corner of an upper level floor for privacy and quiet. Eat here if you ever find yourself hungry in Changi.

Cháo Thịt Heo

This was the last meal I ate in Hanoi before leaving for several weeks. I purchased it at Nội Bài, which means that what would have normally been a one to two-dollar meal quickly turned into an $8 USD dollar bowl of rice porridge and side glass of Diet Coke. The meal in and of itself was so good, probably because I was famished and a bit sad to leave Vietnam, but it’s still hard to get over how expensive it was in relative terms.

Lunch at Pineapple on Hàng Buồm

Today I enjoyed a final lunch in the Old Quarter with Skip and Gabi, who will return to Phnom Penh tomorrow. Spending several meals with them this week was lovely, mostly because it had been more than a year since we saw each other in person and we had much to discuss. I was also very happy that they enjoyed Hanoi; you always want visitors to like where you live.

I’ve written this before but Pineapple Restaurant is exquisite and well-priced. The service is excellent, the food is out of this world, and the atmosphere is comfortable and close.