Chicken, Cake, Raspberry Vodka

Some notes about my non-asterisk, real thirtieth yesterday:

  • Took the day off of work
  • Enjoyed dinner at my favorite restaurant with my favorite person
  • Was surprised with a cake; felt crazy-giddy and happy
  • Ended the night late over drinks at Southgate with an all-around great guy
  • Went home with a smile on my face, feeling like I hit the happiness jackpot

For all intents and purposes I spent the better part of the last decade in Vietnam, with only sporadic breaks from time to time. I’m comfortable knowing, though, that I won’t be able to say the same thing about the next ten years. Vietnam will still be a big part of my life, but it won’t be my life anymore or what defines me as it did during my 20s. I love this country so much; it’s part of my identity. But I see the sunset on its way, and that’s totally cool.

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

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One thought on “Chicken, Cake, Raspberry Vodka”

  1. Happy birthday. I think the thing about leaving is that people always tend to think that goodbye is the end. There’s nothing stopping you coming and going even if you’ve decided that at a point in your life there are other horizons. I’ve just accepted a new job in Hanoi, when I was also holding out on a great job in Malaysia. The Malaysia thing didn’t happen. I got really excited about that and looked forward to it but also had a slight tinge at the thought of missing a Hanoi autumn or even Tet or whatever.

    I think my relationship with Hanoi is changing as the focus becomes on family and future. When you’re young where you live and what your work is, is paramount. Later it has to become more about providing and the job and the location are less important than, if not the money, then the prospects.

    Hanoi, for me is now home in the way Newcastle is also home. It doesn’t mean I’ll always live there but I’ll always come back.

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