Upcoming WordCamp Presentations

I’m pleased to announce that I will speak at the following upcoming WordCamps:

In both Mumbai and Manila I will give developer-focused talks about building WordPress themes using _s; in Nepal I’ll do similar but also chat with my former colleague Chandra Maharzan about the WordPress.com theme onboarding process.

If you plan on attending either one of these events get in touch with me; I love nothing more than meeting other WordPressers.

Black Bean Soup, Nem Cuốn Tôm

Today I enjoyed lunch with an old, close friend who left Hanoi over a year ago to study abroad in Brussels. The location of choice was naturally Lá, but I had actually originally suggested that we go to OCHÂO Tea House, which I found out yesterday has closed down for good. This makes me so sad, as the tea house had one of the most incredible views of West Lake and it was one of my sanctuaries in hustling and bustling Hanoi. I can’t remember a time I’ve been this upset over a business closing, but that seems to be the nature of things these days in the city.

Bánh Cuốn Nhân Thịt, Quả Thanh Long, Quả Dưa Hấu

Ho Chi Minh City was wonderful, as usual, and just like that I seem to have conquered my jet lag during the last 24 hours.

The next month will mostly be filled with resuming my life in Hanoi and preparing for a few important WordCamp talks about _s, which has been a big part of my day-to-day development life since its launch (Able is based on _s).

I’ll also make a greater effort to see close friends and do more outside. If the last two months have taught me anything it’s that spending time outside, around people, breathing fresh air is a good thing. Tonight it’s back to Hanoi. The last two months away already feel like one big blur.

Chicken and Rice Soup, Sesame Mango-Chicken Salad

Every time I return to Ho Chi Minh City I ask myself why I ever left in the first place. The easy answer is that I needed a change (I always do) but I haven’t quite figured out the harder answer. Truly, this city still represents most of my closest relationships in Vietnam and for as long as I live in the country I’ll find my way to Saigon as often as possible. Southern people make me feel at home. They’re brutally honest straight talkers, intensely loyal friends, and humorous. And I haven’t even mentioned the food down here.