Turkey Hamburger, Cottage Cheese, Peach Halves

It’s my last day in New York City and what a week it’s been.

A major highlight included spending time in Brooklyn at DUMBO Startup Lab with Thad Allender (my former boss of two years), helping him get one of Graph Paper Press’ themes ready for launch on WordPress.com. I owe a lot to Thad for taking me in at his company many years ago, and it feels so good to be in a position at Automattic where I’m able to help his continued success.

I also attended Dialogue in the Dark, which was an exhibition performed solely in pitch blackness with a blind tour guide. The objective of the exhibit was to experience blindness in New York City as the blind do, and for an hour I felt myself completely helpless, frustrated, and reliant on my tour guide to help me through a maze of simulated parks, a subway, a grocery store, and a coffee shop. I gained a deep, deep respect for the difficulty it takes to live as a blind person, especially in a large city like New York.

The food in this city is of course always excellent and spending the entire week with one of my closest friends—I’ve visited her in New York several times and she’s visited me in Vietnam a few times—was so enjoyable. Were it not for the terrible winters I would seriously consider moving to the city for some time. As it stands now, though, I’ll stick to visiting during times when the weather is bearable.

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

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