Local Salad, Local Catch of the Day, Red Sangria

The last dinner of Automattic’s 2012 company meetup in San Diego was tonight. It’s also the last night of my North American trip, which lasted in total 52 days and was the longest time I’ve spent away from Vietnam in several years.

Last year I wrote a recap of the company meetup because I was so new, so excited, and in many ways so uneducated about everything that goes on behind the scenes at Automattic. This year I spent much less time thinking about how I felt “just lucky to be here” and more time thinking about how our company can grow, how to ensure that it’s doing meaningful work, and connecting once again with friends and coworkers who I hadn’t seen in a while.

I continue to love the work that I do and feel that it matters. And I continue to care deeply for my immediate teammates (the Theme Team team and Team Custom) beyond professional matters. That’s all a guy can ask for.

Tomorrow I return to Vietnam; to say that I’m excited would be a massive understatement.

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

CEO at We Cobble. We build digital products for people.™

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