Avocado and Turkey Sandwich at Submarina California Subs

I’m one step closer to returning home, but it hasn’t come without its hiccups. Instead of a planned departure from San Diego on United during the morning time I’m now forced to leave much later tonight with American Airlines.

A couple of things I’ve learned at the airport today: 1) airport check-in experiences in large cities (particularly in the United States) are terrible; 2) electronic documentation in the form of emails, images, PDFs on the phone, etc. are generally a bad idea; and 3) everything will be okay and there are good people in the world.

During times of high stress I find it best to remember that there’s nothing we can do to change some circumstances, like missed flights or flight delays. The only thing we can control is our reaction to them, which I’ve tried to keep mostly calm.

Next steps: LAX, HKG, and finally SGN.

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

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