One Year At Automattic

I was going to write a super-long post about what working at Automattic during the last year has been like; about what it feels like to deploy code out to millions of people several times per day; about how my involvement in premium themes on has strengthened my passion for the game; about how it’s gone by quickly and how time, or wasting it at least, has become the biggest enemy.

Something something something about feeling validated in my line of work and more comfortable being stubborn because I care, not only about Automattic but also about making hard decisions that make our lives and our users’ lives better.

And something something else about how it only looks glamorous from outside the hedges and how it’s probably been the most grueling, and most rewarding, year of both my professional and personal lives.

But several paragraphs were all the energy I could muster because I’d rather be figuring out ways to make Automattic and better right now.

So, that’s what the last year has been like.

At some point I stopped thinking everything was peachy keen and started thinking about the thousand ways we could be a better company.

Stay tuned.

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

CEO at We Cobble. We build digital products for people.™

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  1. Whao, looking to hearing more from you today at Hacker Space Singapore 😀 Love to hear about your experience with

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