Beef Noodle Soup

Quick layover meal at ICN before my last leg to Hanoi.

I was worried that we wouldn’t make it on time to Seoul, because a woman on the flight fainted on the plane and many flight attendants surrounded her; there was even a request for a doctor on board to help out. I can only assume that things turned out temporarily okay since we didn’t need to prematurely land.

Thanksgiving Dinner

This is, appropriately, my last dinner in the United States until 2013. It has everything my stomach needed today: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, greens, various sauces, and dessert. It wasn’t home-made but it was fantastic.

Tomorrow morning I fly back to Hanoi and I’m desperately looking forward to it. This year has been one filled with entirely too much travel and I’m promising myself that in 2013 I will not live like this. So the first step is to return home, rest a little bit, and then regain some balance and rythym in my personal, day-to-day life in Vietnam, which I miss very much.

It’s been a lovely few months meeting new people, speaking, spending time with coworkers and friends in the States, and visiting new places. But I’m definitely ready for home again. 🙂

Salmon Tacos

I had such a lovely lunch with fellow Automatticians today at the Mission office. We went to La Corneta Taqueria for tacos and burritos and talked about Thanksgiving. I leave San Francisco on Friday morning and I’m not quite sure when I’ll return, so it was nice having in-person time with people from other teams who I’m not able to meet very often.