A Morning At Tay Ho Flea Market

There’s a special place in my heart for individuals who produce and sell their own goods in markets like the one I went to this morning. It was small, but fantastic, and an event that I would have loved to go to with my mother, whose primary passion and source of income for the last decade-plus has been South American artesanía.

I was under the impression that the flea market was only a yearly event, but it turns out that many of the sellers who I met today go out to West Lake every week. Everyone who I met was lovely, and I even managed to pick up several goods. The wild mint honey comes from Meo Vac, the strawberries come from Da Lat, and the Dame Clémence is made here in Hanoi by Clemence Barbier. The scent I chose is incredible.

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

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