Kailani Farms Field Greens w/Grilled Chicken

This was my last meal in Hawaii and it was fantastic (and more my style). Super-simple, super-easy salad and grilled chicken made for a delicious dinner at Kauai Pasta with a few of my coworkers who also had late flights.

I’ll miss Kauai very much. It’s the first team meetup location I’ve visited where I felt so depressed leaving. All of the other places have been nice because of my coworkers, but none of them made me feel the way I felt in Hawaii. I hope to bring this relaxed, more stress-free attitude to my work in the coming months.

Next Stop: Cancún.

Approaches to WordPress Theme Development

Late last year I attended and spoke at three WordCamps about several approaches to WordPress theme development. I was quite happy with the talks, but felt like they needed supplementary information beyond the basics covered at WordCamp. That information is now live in the form of a Code Poet article, which wraps up my season of talks on the topic. I had fun talking about starter themes and theme approaches, and I’m looking forward to coming up with other great topics for this year’s WordCamps.

Monchong, Pacific Prawns, Kona Cold Lobster, and Molten Cake

My first dinner at Tidepools was delicious. My second one, eaten last night, was also no disappointment. I’m not used to eating food this rich, so this week I’ve had to play it safe and go light on breakfast and lunches, but overall the dining experience so far in Hawaii has been very good. I imagine today I’ll avoid ultra-rich foods and instead try to spend time walking outside, eating healthy, and spending quality time with coworkers.

Compressed Watermelon Salad, Tofu And Sweet Potato “Poke”, Poipu Style Warm Apple Volcano

Tonight’s dinner from Roy’s Poipu Bar & Grill. In terms of food, the place was hit or miss; in terms of service, it was mostly miss. In terms of who I went with, it was all hit.

After dinner we walked to the beach, laid underneath the stars (they fill me with amazement every time), and talked about the beauty of the universe.