Momma’s Birthday Dinner In Texas


My mom’s 58th birthday was today and I’m so happy that I was in Pearland, Texas, for it. Pearland is just south of Houston, and it’s where I will be during the entire month of March. During the time I’m here I’ll take care of medical stuff, visit my alma mater, and spend tons of time with family and friends who I don’t see nearly enough.

For my mother’s birthday I treated her to a bottle of duty-free Kahlua picked up in Mexico, a batch of groceries, car duties, and a ton of cupcakes and cake pops from The Cakelicious Bakery. My sister really put it over the top with a lovely dinner and flowers. And my brother also traveled a long distance after a very long day of work to come spend time with everyone. Momma raised us right.

This month in Houston and the surrounding area will be a fun one.

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

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