Egg White Omelet, Sliced Tomatoes, Toast

This morning I found an awesome laundromat that doubles as a restaurant. It’s called BrainWash, and when customers are waiting for our laundry to finish washing and drying we are able to both eat and play pinball so that time passes rapidly. I ended up spending around $8 USD in total for tea, laundry, pinball, and soap.

Brunch this morning with Linda was at Taylor Street Coffee Shop on 375 Taylor St.

White Corn Guacamole And Chips, Tomato Basil Spaghettini

I met my Airbnb host today in Glen Park. It’s a lovely little area of town and I’ll be staying there for one month (or less, if I’m lucky) until I find proper housing in the city or nearby. Lunch today was at California Pizza Kitchen with Michelle. I’m still not used to the food in the States; it seems like every time I eat something here I feel like a brick is sitting in my stomach. I may need to scale back to mostly fruits and vegetables again until I’m reacclimatized to the heavy food here.

Roasted Broccolini, Vegetarian Roll

Dine About Town is currently going on in the city until June 15th. I went to Chaya tonight; it was okay, not great, but the area of town it’s in is nice. The Oakland Bay Bridge view from the Embarcadero really is fantastic.

In other news, I learned that I could never live in or be comfortable in the Mission for more than a few weeks; it’s a culturally confusing area to me that I don’t quite have a handle on, and don’t know that I could feel at home there. So, that’s out. The next several weeks will involve lots of apartment hunting and figuring out which areas of town feel right for me and which areas make me say, “Hm…”