M.Y. China with Bernie

Crispy Organic Tofu

And just like that, things changed again.

I felt a sense of weightlessness today, mostly due to joy. At the 11th hour in San Francisco, a day before leaving for Houston for a quick visit, I found a place to live, signed a lease, and moved in. Finding housing in this city has been a very severe exercise in patience and expectation calibration, but it all worked out.

The mostly bittersweet moment of it all has been realizing that I’ll no longer be living with Bernie’s family; I met them through Airbnb and they hosted me for a month. We became so close during these last several weeks and I’ve definitely found a long-term friend in her and her family moving forward. And better yet, my new home is but a short walk from hers and her mother’s.

Sometimes the good things in life happen when hope is all but lost. I’m reminding myself to trust that things will continue working out the way they need to; there’s no need to overthink it all or get too down when things seem bleak.

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

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