Post Status Interview

Philip Arthur Moore is the Premium Theme team lead at Automattic. I’m thrilled to have been able to ask Philip some questions about premium themes, their processes, and working at Automattic. His answers are thorough and very insightful, and I’m thankful for the time he spent on this.

I did a long interview with Brian Krogsgard over the weekend about my work at Automattic. Read it on the Post Status blog.

5th Annual San Francisco Street Food Festival

I had a blast today with Bernie and Ivana at the 5th annual San Francisco Street Food Festival, which was very near the 24th and Mission BART stop. The “small bites” at the event were around $3 USD and the “big bites” (which were different meals, not just larger portions) were around $8 USD. All in all I think I spent around $20 USD buying random treats; I loved every savory dish except the Korean taco (Bernie finished that one for me), and of course all of the desserts were amazing.