Meatballs, Mushroom Rice

From The KAfe. I’m so proud of all the work that Chi Anh has put into both this and Kitchen Art during the last few years. Little gives me more joy than seeing close friends do everything they can to live out their dreams and goals, and Hammie’s definitely done that in Hanoi since I’ve known her.

These few days in the city have been incredible. My life here, when I’m here, truly is grand.

Nonya Rice Dumpling, Savory Rice Dumpling

Eaten at Kim Choo Nonya Kitchen at Changi. All in all this meal set me back S$5.50 and it tasted amazing. My short stopover in Singapore was a nice break from a busy last week in Tokyo, and I was even able to catch up with my buddy Lester over coffee this morning before leaving. I’ll be in Vietnam until the 25th. It feels so nice to be writing that right now.

Tofu and Avocado Salad, Pumpkin Herb Tempura, Grilled Spanish Mackerel

My final lunch in Tokyo (from Yusoshi) before I’m back again. I really do love visiting this city so very much and plan on spending time here every several months, if possible. The friends I’ve made and the sheer enjoyment of experiencing what feels like the future in Tokyo are totally worth the long flights and the bad jet lag. I’m making a promise to myself that the next time I’m in Japan I’ll visit a few new cities to get a feel for the diversity.