Bánh Canh Thập Cẩm

Life in Hanoi has resumed and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve settled back into an apartment in Ba Đình, gotten back into the swing of things with the Hanoi WordPress Meetup Group, begun work in earnest with my newly formed LLC, started contributing to the documentation efforts for .org, and had time for friends, food, and sleep. I haven’t felt this energized about my career and overall professional outlook in more than two years, and day by day I continue to feel like my decision to shake things up recently was the right thing to do. It truly is incredible how taking the blinders off and stepping outside of the bubble puts everything into fine perspective.

After taking out all of the meat from this bowl it was more than fifty percent depleted; thankfully Mai handled my unwanted food like a champ and even had room for ice cream afterward.

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

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