I was wrong about custom post type standardization.

I spent so much time thinking that implementation and the Customizer mattered in the discussion of custom post type standardization that I didn’t realize how easy this entire effort would be once the issue of meta keys was figured out. Here’s how the Testimonials standardization happened, and here’s how easy it will be to handle other post types moving forward:

  1. Someone kicks off a discussion about a custom post type that they care about.
  2. Other people weigh in and data standardization is discussed.
  3. I’ve found that providing visual mockups of data structures in discussions about data always helps the discussion.
  4. People agree on stuff, and a standard is created.

7 days. That’s how long it took for us to standardize Testimonials for all WordPress users. I don’t think it will be this easy for all custom post types but it can be if people care about it and give guidance to each other. Now it’s up to WordPress.com and WooThemes to adopt the standards that we’ve put forth for Testimonials. WordPress.com and Jetpack are on board; it’d be awesome if WooThemes also got on board.

Michael Cain at WordPress.com is a smart man. He helped me with thinking through CPT things during the last few days and I can’t thank him enough for his time and input.