Brief Update on Life

I haven’t shared much about what’s going on.

I’m still developing WordPress themes, plugins, and custom client work. I cut ties with my business partner last year, all but shut down premium theme submissions until they say otherwise, and it took a little while to secure trademark rights to a few of the more important parts of We Cobble.

That said, with WordPress now at a firm 30% of the web and my team being so close to the launch of our site and a ton of new themes, I’m still long-term bullish on work in this space, even if it means giving more control over to my staff. Gutenberg seems to be all the rage these days. It’s like, so in man.

Since late 2016 I entered the cryptocurrency market (again) and have since then slowly but steadily immersed myself in all things blockchain. This takes up a small portion of my time but gives me the most hope. The community is just as catty and nonsensical as WordPress’, so I feel right at home. 2018-2021 will be like nothing we’ve ever seen. If WordPress democratizes publishing, then blockchain technology democratizes the entire web. The tide has already started to shift.

I started building a new house today. They say it’ll be done in a month. I’m tired of renting and if I go broke in tech at least I can say I’ll never be homeless.

My wife and I are still trying to have a child without success. When the house is done we’ll likely go to Thailand for a while and do IUI. I’m not super-antsy about this. I’d like to finish the house first before thinking about a child.

I haven’t been to the States in 3 years. I haven’t traveled anywhere interesting in 2 years. Feels odd. Very odd.

I’m fat again. My diet now is pretty restricted. I’m at the age now where being fat is a multiplier for how miserable I’ll feel in my 50s. Trying to clean it up.

Anxiety stuff is gone. I haven’t had a full-on meltdown since moving here and only on a few occasions have I needed medicine so the trade-off of living in a boring place seems to be peace of mind. I don’t have panic attacks, intrusive thoughts are nonexistent, and the existential crises are long gone. It’s difficult to get me worked up right now.

I’m ready to move out of this karaoke bar. It’s noise torture, lack of sleep, lack of privacy, and feels like jail. The customers here are insane and drunk. The house can’t come soon enough. This is a major source of tension and stress right now. I’m ready for it to be over.

I don’t miss the States.

The cat has turned into three and the doggy next door loves me. Star is still the boss but several other cats have become addicted to hanging out with us. It’s probably the free food.

I’m not asking for much right now. I’ve learned that it only leads to unhappiness. I’m okay with what I have. I don’t need much more. I’m trying to stay patient.

Vietnam is still looking like where I’ll die. I’m good with that.

Author: Philip Arthur Moore

CEO at We Cobble. We build digital products for people.™