Vịnh Hạ Long

Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and something that every visitor to northern Vietnam must experience. The sad truth about the place is that while it’s beautiful and memorable, the tourism industry there is incredibly in need of reformation. Price gouging occurs more often here than in other places in Vietnam, and boats are not always safe. If your level of calm is high and you’re able to handle these negatives, a trip to Ha Long Bay is necessary; otherwise, find somewhere else to visit. I took these photos during a trip with my best friend and roommate from college.

Lăng Khải Định

Emperor Khải Định was the 12th Emperor of the famous Nguyễn Dynasty. His tomb is located near Hue and it has become—along with other tombs in the area—one of the premier travel destinations in Vietnam. It’s best to arrive very early at all tombs in Hue, as hoards of tourists and guests take away from the serenity of it all during midday hours.

Wedding Party in Hà Nam

When I first moved to Hanoi I lived in an Old Quarter guesthouse for nearly 16 months. During this time I became very close with the hotel owners and staff members, who are all now friends of mine. The following photos are from the wedding of one of the hotel’s receptionists. Even after living in Vietnam for so long I had never attended a wedding, so this was a wonderful new experience to share with my new friends.