Always Be Tuning

The problem with the 10,000 hour rule is that it creates a half truth. The fine print of the rule is that extremely high quality practice matters, so 10,000 hours spent taking the same failed shot over and over and over are worth less than 1 hour spent tuning the dial, measuring where problems crop up, and taking that new data into account on the next try. Grinding hard and heavily is necessary, yes. But focus will always matter more.

Joma Sandwich

Soon enough we’ll die.

Sometimes things in life are difficult; it feels like sometimes we’re all hanging on by a thread, waiting for the next great big wave to wash us away. People vanish; relationships fail; friendships collapse; jobs end. Loneliness and abandonment squeeze the breath out of us. The things we hold seem to break.

I wonder sometimes if everyone else in the world is less afraid of suffering than I am or much better at hiding it. Maybe they’re better at recognizing the absurd notion of control than I am. Whatever it is, I sometimes wish I had that thing that would keep my brain still. It never stops; I simply cannot shut that thing off in my head that expects Bad to happen.

Surely I can’t be the only one.

We are oars in the same rowboat floating toward the same hopes.

Oh, our hearts don’t have heavy parts.

We’re like balloons. We float to new heights.

We’re like balloons. We float to new heights.

We’re like balloons. We float to new heights.

New Week, New Flowers

For as long as I’ve known I’ve been a big fan of tea lights and flowers. When I was a young child my father wasn’t too keen on his boy owning a Play-Doh Flowers Maker, but I’m older now and have money, and will drown myself in flowers until the day I die. The best part about buying them in Hanoi is that they are in relative terms much more affordable than in the States, so I make a point to pick some up every week to give more life to my apartment. I love them, visitors love them, who wouldn’t love them?