Vietnamese Celebrity Sighting: Lâm Chấn Huy

I make it a habit to go to Lá, my favorite restaurant in Vietnam, between two and four in the afternoon, just after the mid-day rush and not too close to dinner time. My meals are usually eaten alone or in the company of one or two other late diners, but today was a bit different.

Lâm Chấn Huy—sadly, I had to ask who he was because I didn’t have a clue—and his film crew decided to use Lá as the backdrop to what will presumably be his next music video.

It may have been my “I’m eating now, don’t F with me” face or simply the fact that even if I do show up on film I will be out of focus that left me undisturbed and at the next table over from Lâm Chấn Huy. Whatever it was, I thought it was pretty cool to be able to watch the actual process of making a music video in Vietnam.

Without looking like too much of a jerk I was able to snap off a few photos of the mayhem. I figured it was a fair trade for having my mid-day retreat disturbed by fame in the flesh.

So that was that.