Oven-Baked Grouper in Clam Broth, Fava Beans, Carrot Flakes, Spring Onion-Fennel Salad

Tonight I spent the better part of 4 and a half hours eating, drinking—something I do probably less than several times a year—and talking to friends out at Angelina. After nine the music became super-chill and super-loud (this is a very good thing) and it was all I could do not to fall asleep in my couch.

There are some restaurants in the city that I’d call my favorite in terms of food alone but I honestly cannot think of another spot in Hanoi that has it all like Angelina does. The food is excellent, the atmosphere is incredible, and I always leave wanting more of everything the restaurant has to offer. Awesome night.

Gỏi Ngó Sen Tôm Thịt, Gà Nướng Lá Chanh, Gỏi Cuốn

I’m embarrassed to admit that since returning home to Hanoi on May 8th I’ve gone out for a meal with friends a total of one time. The only other times I’ve left my apartment have been for morning walks, grocery store trips, or ATM runs. In short, my social life during the last week and a half has been virtually nonexistent. I blame the jet lag.

A big work project will launch today so I ordered delivery from Kiti Restaurant for lunch. It was my first time eating food from Kiti and I wasn’t disappointed at all. Super-duper good food.

This Friday and weekend I will spend the majority of my time away from my apartment and away from my computer screen. It’s so hard for me to train myself to stop working because my company is distributed and I never feel off of work. I’ll find the balance soon, hopefully, but until then I’ll have to take the small wins like this weekend’s upcoming fun.

Cathay Pacific Food

My Las Vegas to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Hanoi flight is done, and I’m back at home after being away for more than three weeks. It feels nice to be writing this from my couch and the last several weeks now seem like a big blur of happiness and work.

The flight from LAX to HKG was operated by Cathay Pacific; technically the entire flight was but only the longest flight was inside of an official Cathay Pacific airplane. I opted for the low fat / low cholesterol meals on the flight and they turned out to be pretty good. I’m not sure what the ice cream was doing there (I had only one bite, believe it or not) but everything else tasted nice, but maybe not as nice as Singapore Airlines food.

Pinball Hall of Fame

I felt like a kid again today and loved every moment of it. The Automatticians went to the famous Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame to play games and enjoy candy. I even won a knobby ball! It’s the first time in my life I’d ever won anything from a crane machine. I took photos of the games I played for the memories of them. What a wonderful time I had, especially playing 2-player mode in a few games with my friends at Automattic.