Bruschetta, Gnocchi, Insalata “O Sole Mio”, Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This is my last dinner in San Francisco until around 6 weeks from now, when I’ll move here for a spell. The last half-month has been remarkable and restorative, and to say that I’m thrilled knowing that the area will soon be called home is an understatement. This place gets me, and I get it. The people I’ve met, both through work and through my personal networks, remind me that there are like-minded souls in the States for wanderers like me; it feels incredibly right that I’ve decided that the Bay Area will be the next chapter of my life.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Tokyo for a month; it’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 3 months since I’ve been in Asia.

Radicchio And Kale Salad, Papaya And Mango Dungeness Crab Salad, Mushroom and Spinach Raviolo

The service at Prospect tonight was most impressive, and the food was a pleasure. It’s the perfect place to spend a Friday night with a date or close friend over fine wine and carefully prepared dishes. Hanh took these photos with my phone; apparently the ones I take aren’t artsy enough so these should work quite well. 🙂

Seasonal Tea Broth Over Rice, Veggies, Wakame and Shiitake Mushrooms

Tonight I ate a fantastic meal over phenomenal conversation at Samovar Tea Lounge in Yerba Buena Gardens. One of my favorite parts about San Francisco is how normal vegetarianism is on menus and to everyone here, so living without meat is not only possible but enjoyable. For some time now I’ve been eating a primarily vegetarian diet with the occasional splurge, and I’m quite hopeful and encouraged by the great variety of vegetables and fruits in this region. My goal (I’m very close) is to go completely vegetarian over the course of the next few months, so I’m happy with the options I’m given here. The restaurant was top notch also; I’d recommend it without reservation.

Chickpea Bruschetta, House Made Almond Granola

Today was simply fantastic. I enjoyed lunch at Zero Zero with Tony, a Bay Area friend who I met and spent time with in Hanoi. After our meal we walked around Yerba Buena Gardens and had a nice, long chat. With each and every day that passes I’m convinced that my decision to spend more time here is the right one. I feel very normal and at peace in San Francisco. It’s so nice.