On Coworking Spaces In Vietnam

I did a fun interview with VTC10 that’s just been released. It’s on coworking spaces in Vietnam and it took place at ClickSpace, one of the better spaces for thinking and working for digital nomads in Hanoi. Thanks to Jason Lusk of ClickSpace fame for introducing me to VTC10 and helping set up the interview. He’s doing great things in the city. If you find yourself in Hanoi looking for a place to work check out ClickSpace.

The New Stratechery

Work for Automattic. Meet a coworker named Ben Thompson at a San Francisco company meetup and bond over our American expat lives in Asia. Quit Automattic. He leaves too. Remain friends and chat via LINE. Go into debt over the amount of Japanese emoticons purchased in the LINE store. Help Ben refactor and relaunch Stratechery to earn more money for more LINE stickers.


If you’re into tech news you’ll want to subscribe to Stratechery. Ben’s writing is thorough, and something I take time to read every day.

The Rise of Expat Devs

These developers—mostly web developers, but a sizeable portion of enterprise developers represented—recognize their skills as being uniquely suited to the realm of remote work. They also recognize the unique possibilities present in such a massive lifestyle change, including much cheaper costs of living and ease of bootstrapping a startup. Finally, and most importantly, these Expat Devs have a yearning for adventure and are not content taking the beaten path—instead they wish to take the road less traveled. To boldly go where no Silicon Valley startup dev has gone before.

Allen Coin of DZone writes about the rise of expat developers in Asia, which includes excerpts from an interview he did with me here in Hanoi.